About us

Mammoth Creative is a creative services team based in Louisville, KY, specializing in website development, social media, video, photography and design.

Your creative partners

Mammoth Creative Group recognizes and appreciates the power of stories and visuals.

We’re personally curious and professionally creative, which leads us to seek new and better ways to serve our clients each day.

We’re proud of our work and our client’s work. We also want you to be proud of the brand you’re building.

Portrait of Dixon Fletcher, Partner at Mammoth Creative Group, holding a DSLR with lenses on a stool in front of him.
Portrait of Chad Kantlehner, Partner at Mammoth Creative, carrying a tripod and video camera.

Our story

Mammoth Creative’s co-founders, Chad and Dixon, met in 2014 while attending Western Kentucky University. As broadcasting students, they spent most of their days in the Mass Media and Technology Hall (MMTH).

Since then, they kept crossing paths in their respective careers. In early 2022, they decided to finally pursue their dream of creating content that brands could be proud to publish.

From MMTH to Mammoth Creative Group, they’ve carefully built a reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations on every project. Brands should be proud of how they showcase their work and want to help you feel that way, too.

Actively involved in Louisville

Our values

We show up to work each day excited to get to work for our clients. For us, the work isn’t just about getting paid. It’s about sharing stories that need to be heard, pushing ourselves to be better creatives than we were yesterday and playing a small role in creating a better Kentucky.

Take pride in your work.

Pursue excellence.

Keep learning.

Be bold.

Give generously.

Our team

Giving back through Mammoth Cause

We love Louisville, and Mammoth Cause is a way for us to give back to the community where we live and work.

Each year around the holidays, we donate one free website design and development to a Louisville-based nonprofit that serves our city.

Through this initiative, we strive to strengthen and serve Louisville nonprofits so they can continue to do great things for our city.

Photo of The Bakery, a multi-use commercial redevelopment in the California neighborhood.

Based in Louisville’s west end

We’re proudly based in Louisville’s California neighborhood, inside The Bakery. The Bakery is an exciting 108,000-square-foot mixed-use commercial redevelopment in Louisville’s West End.

Built in 1928, it was one of numerous commercial bakeries built throughout the country by the New Jersey-based Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.

Headshot of Dixon Fletcher, Partner at Mammoth Creative Group.

Get started today

Have a project in mind or just looking? We’re here to help. At the end of the day, we’re here to help brands connect with people through creative services.

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