About Us

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Mammoth Creative Group recognizes and appreciates the power of stories and visuals. We’re personally curious and professionally creative, which leads us to seek new and better ways to serve our clients each day.

We’re proud of our work and our client’s work. We want you to be proud of the brand you’re building as well. That itself sets us apart.

Our Story

Mammoth Creative’s co-founders, Chad and Dixon, met in 2014 as students at Western Kentucky University. As broadcasting students, they spent most of their days in the Mass Media and Technology Hall (MMTH, for short).

Since then, they kept crossing paths in their respective careers. In early 2022, they decided to finally pursue their dream of creating content that brands could be proud to publish.

From MMTH to Mammoth Creative Group, they’ve carefully built a reputation for exceeding clients’ expectations on every project. Brands should be proud of the way they showcase their work, and they want to help you feel that way too.

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At the end of the day, Mammoth Creative Group wants to help brands better connect with their audiences. We’re proud of our work and our clients’ work. We want you to be proud of your work too.