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Mammoth Creative is a boutique, results-driven creative agency and video production team based in Louisville, KY. We have over a decade of experience producing high-quality video content.

Our videos are visually stunning, emotionally charged, and designed to inspire action.

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From concept to final edit

In-house. Full-service. Easy as 1–2–3.


Creative direction
Concept development
Vendor contracting


4K+ video
Multi-camera shoots
Green-screen & studio
Time-lapse video
Aerial & drone video
Slow motion recording
Remote shoot capability
Voice-over recording
Makeup and hair


Narrative building
Video editing
Animations and motion
Data visualization
Color grading
Multilingual subtitles
Sound design
Special sound effects

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Our creative approach

Beyond a videographer. Your video success partners.

  1. A compelling story has to leave the audience with one thought they didn’t have before. Not two or three—one.
  2. Beautiful visuals mean nothing if they don’t deliver results.
  3. Speedy service is at the core of what we do, but we never let speed let the pursuit of speed sacrifice quality.
  4. We’re your creative partner—not just a technician pressing record.
  5. We’re constantly pushing our creative boundaries to deliver better client results.

Video styles to grow your brand

When we say full-service video production, we mean it.

Based in Louisville. Serving clients nationwide.

Detail-oriented pre-production process

Mammoth Creative’s detail-oriented and creative pre-production workflow allows us to plan for the perfect execution of the concept. We develop narration and imagery alongside each other to ensure what’s said, heard and shown compliments all of the elements in the final product.

We leave little to chance with extensive outlining, storyboarding and planning for the unseen at all stages of the video production process.

We know the best locations in the Commonwealth. This allows our clients to put their best foot forward in aesthetically-perfect environments. We’re able to contract commercial studios and private locations across Kentucky to create the perfect look you’re shooting for. Mammoth Creative marries gorgeous locations with impressive imagery to create a memorable performance for your brand.

We’re consistently researching and adopting the latest technology for our video production capabilities. Our cameras, lighting, sound and support equipment are all cinema-quality. We combine our wide array of professional equipment with in-depth knowledge of modern filmmaking techniques to ensure clients get the most out of our time and equipment. This investment in our equipment and education allows us to create professional-quality final products that stand the test of time for your brand.

All of our video production projects are created with professional cinema cameras in high-resolution formats. We regularly shoot in 4K and larger video files alongside Log or Rec. 709 color spaces to get the most out of the video we capture for your brand. Our post-production workflow allows us to handle large files, professional color grading and sound mixing, hardware-demanding animations and other heavy workloads.

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"Full-service video production is one of our core services. We create visually engaging and effective digital assets for brands. Clients reach out to us to create a wide range of projects. These can be TV commercials, explainers, livestreams or donation videos—just to name a few examples. We work hand-in-hand with clients to create the best possible digital assets for their brands' needs."
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Cutting-edge tools & techniques

How much does video production cost?

Costs for video projects vary depending on their size and scope. We custom quote each project based on the estimated hours needed for each phase: pre-production, production and post-production.

For the production phase, we quote based on a half-day (up to four hours on-site) or a full-day rate (up to eight hours on-site). The production cost covers our equipment: cameras, lighting, drones, etc. If the client requests the raw video, we add a 20% fee to the production cost.

Other factors that impact cost are where the video will be displayed, music and stock licensing, location rentals and specialty equipment.


Custom quoted based on an hourly rate of $150 per hour.


• Half-Day Rate: $1,200
• Full Day Rate: $2,000
• Travel Shoot: $2,500/day
• Overtime: $350/hour


Custom quoted based on an hourly rate of $150 per hour.


Custom quoted based on an hourly rate of $100 per hour.


• Half-Day Rate: $1,000
• Full Day Rate: $1,800
• Travel Shoot: $2,250/day
• Overtime: $250/hour


Custom quoted based on an hourly rate of $100 per hour.

Headshot of Dixon Fletcher, Partner at Mammoth Creative Group.

Bring your story to life

Have a project in mind or just looking? We’re here to help. Reach out today to start making your vision a reality with our top-of-line video production services.

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